Hi. I’m Sharon Edwards, founder of Head Set Go! Training. I love working with people who dream of a better life. I teach, coach, encourage and empower ordinary, good folk to stretch out of their frustrations into an improved way of living.

Although we’re not necessarily aware of it, almost all our challenges begin with less than ideal processes in our heads. That’s why I focus on positive mental and emotional processes. I help people sort through glitches which limit their ability to live the life they want. When others clarify their thoughts, adjust to better attitudes and start seeing major breakthroughs, I get excited!

From there it’s just a short step to developing the personal and interpersonal skills necessary to live a great life. Of course, that’s a lifelong process, but each new development opens better opportunities, and that’s worth celebrating!

With a background in youth work and education, I’ve spent a lifetime learning all I can about people, learning, and doing life well. I enjoy researching and exploring the latest ideas! (Yeah, I know it’s geeky!) And I’m good at figuring out how to make them work in real life.

I wasn’t always especially focused or together. In fact, I suffered from depression and self-esteem issues myself when I was younger. I’m the product of my own experiments and the encouragement of other good people to become more than I ever thought possible. Therefore, I’m committed to doing that for others. Of course, I’m still learning too, and there are days and months when life doesn’t go as I want and tries to squash me back into less than I can be. Yet for all that, I can see how far I’ve moved and how blessed I am to be myself.

So if you’re stuck right now, or maybe just on automatic pilot – and you’d like to get moving again – I’d like to work with you. In fact, I’m looking forward to it! I hope to meet you soon.