Welcome to your HSG general research

Which gender do you identify as?

Which of these are you?

We have a theory most of us are trying to live a great life. Would you agree with that?

Do you consciously try to live as well as you can?

How well would you say you're doing? Please choose which of the following song titles best suits you right now

What matters most to you? Please tell us your top 3 priorities

How much energy, time and money do you put into improving your life?

Which of these positive mental health areas is your biggest challenge?

Within that area, what's  the single hardest thing for you? What would you most like to be different or what have you tried that doesn't work?

What would you pay to solve that (your biggest) problem?

If you wanted to get help improving an aspect of your life, where would you go?

Would you consider (as a way of solving your problem)...

What type of social media user are you?

What's your top two favourite social media formats?

Thanks for your time and input. Would you like to hear what everyone thought and compare yourself when the results are in? Is there any way we can help you build your positive mental health? (Which - name, contact details if yes)