I’ve finally gone public!!! A soft launch of my training from 1 September… ie a very slow build up

Thanks for coming here!

Here’s the lowdown: My skill and interest’s always been helping others become better versions of themselves. So I’m going to coach and train people in aspects of positive mental health (technical term ‘soft’ skills)*. To me, it feels like a God thing – apologies to any for whom that sounds strange!

I’ve a blog called Life As I Dreamed It and a training website named Head Set Go!  (that you’re in the back end of!) Plus a Facebook and Instagram page. Pinterest will follow. They’re all designed to encourage people to live healthy and good lives by building their personal wellness and helping them with positive change. For the next while I’ll work to a different theme each month – starting with ‘Stress’ in September. I’m sure none of you have any problems with that, ever!

Against popular internet advice I’m not branding myself. And the point of having a different blog is to limit the selling! Not normal, but more to my ethics!!

To get things rolling (social media has to be social), I need your help. Please consider:

  1. Liking and following me if you’re on Facebook or Instagram, then
  2. Actively engaging with my posts by commenting, re-posting or doing quizzes, surveys etc – especially for the first six months. (This is currently what Facebook says it needs to see to decide to promote me!)
  3. Signing up for my blog (form on website)
  4. Personally referring 1-3 people to me/my work in the next 12 months and getting them on board
  5. Signing up for some training yourself (if it suits)
  6. Talking to me about any options for live training through your networks
  7. Generally being on my team for encouragement, support or any other way you can think up and wish to offer!

One example

Hey, my friend Sharon’s doing some free training about stress on her blog this month. Why don’t you check it out at  https://lifeasidreamedit.com/ ?

And finally…

I’d also value your kind but constructive feedback on anything.

I know we’re not all motivated by the same things, but if you’ll help me for the next year or so I’ll have a much better chance of finding the people who’ll benefit from what I offer. Help me connect with those I can help!

Please also tell me what you do, as I might not identify what you’re doing otherwise (eg if you have a different user name). I’d like the chance to say thanks!

Thank you! I’m good to teach, coach and train, but marketing myself’s not a natural fit. Sigh.


* Check out the rest of my website for more info.

PS You may have doubts. I get that. Research says my close friends and family will find it hardest to see the possibilities. But after all, everyone’s imperfect. Show your grace and back me anyway? Thanks.