For everyone who’d like never to get caught up with self-esteem issues and the resultant self-sabotage again! Or for parents wishing to help their children, or those wanting to support others to love themselves better. This course gives you four very clear compartments to grid self-esteem through, and practical ideas to strengthen any areas which are weak. It contains teaching on myths, tools to measure where you’re at, suggestions to improve things, stories, and questions and answers to guide you. In short, it’s a toolbox for using the rest of your life, with the equipment necessary to build and maintain your healthy self-esteem forever.

NB. ALL our courses offer opportunities for additional coaching, as well as linking you into a broader community of people working to build their own good lives.

Delivery: Eight weeks of video content (audio an option), alongside topical quizzes, printable resources and cheat sheets. (Also available as a single release on request, though not recommended.)

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